QS Tech H19 Pro

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QS Tech H19 Pro adalah LED Wall Display yang menggunakan teknologi terkini. LED yang menggunakan sistem kabinet yang sudah merupakan satu kesatuan di dalamnya. Penggunaan daya listriknya rendah dengan berat ringan. Proses instalasi dan perawatan yang mudah. Dapat diintegrasikan dengan perlengkapan elektronik lain dan dapat tampil hingga empat device dalam satu layar secara bersamaan.
QS Tech H19 Pro dapat diinstall dengan ukuran sesuai kebutuhan pengguna.

Fitur Unggulan QS Tech H19 Pro

Whole Cabinet Delivery
• Components pre-installed • Original parts • 8:9 display ratio
Pre-installed all-in-one cabinet, no need for on-site components assembly. Factory original cables and parts with guaranteed quality.
8:9 display ratio, achieve 16:9 standard ratio with ease. Whole cabinet only weighs 1.1kg.

Handy Installation
• Thin & light • Full-frontal service • 90°splicing
1.1kg lightweight cabinet, which can be installed using magnet, support full-frontal service with air suction tool.
45°corner cut allows 90°splicing. Increase installation efficiency while lower overall operation cost.

• V-0 Flame retardant • RoHS compliant
Smart power supply allows Self-adaptive voltage distribution adjustment, and support constant dynamic output.
Voltage will be stablized at saturation point, which better reduce power-consumption.The cabinets are also RoHS compliant.

Highly Integration
• Easy to service • More reliable • Hot-swapping
Power supply, receiving card and hub board all integrated into 1 board with no extra components,
which can reduce connect-ing wires, increase stability and make maintenance easier.

Easy to use
• Easy operation • HMI
Support screen control through remote/mobile devices´╝îgiving superior interactive experience.
Integrated system allows local apps installation, such as wireless screensharing and mobile screen control app.